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Green Policy

  • Water Conservation
    • Water is obtained from a borehole and every effort is made to concerve water.
  • Energy Conservation measures
    • Lights are on a day-night switch.
    • Energy efficient globes are in use.
    • Monthly record of energy consumption meter reading on a monthly basis.
    • Staff and guests are encouraged to conserve energy consumption in the workplace and the lodge. 

  • Contribute to conservation of wildlife and the Environment
    • Isinkwe is based on a concervancy, a 22 ha tract of coastal forests, where we as the owners and staff are looking after and caring for the land, plants, animals and natural resources in a way to ensure that all of these are protected for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations.
  • Environmental awareness programme for local people in the community
    • As a safari company we have conducted educational tours to the Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Reserve for local schools. Isinkwe Backpackers Bushcamp has hosted groups from orphanages and also volunteer projects at discounted rates.
  • Recycling programme
    • We separate and sort our waste in order to recycle paper, glass, steel and organic matter. We manage our own waste disposal system.

Cardboard boxes are flattened and loaded and taken to be recycled.

Plastic and Paper waste are seperated.


1. Endeavour to improve working conditions in the tourism industry for local people

All employees are paid at least the minimum wage or more as prescribe to the Hotel and Hospitality Sector and we abide by all the labour regulations in terms of working hours, off days, annual leave and paying of overtime. The majority of our current and past employees have all been from the local community, in which case training has been given to members of the community who have never had any work experience before. We encourage our staff members to increase their skills levels and constantly challenge them to be ambitious in their career path. Many of our previous staff members have moved on to work in 3-5 star establishments in this area and as far a Durban, without any formal education. They obtained these positions based on the in-house training they received from working at Isinkwe Safaris and Backpackers.


1. Financial aid for education offered to local community

Second hand book sale on offer at our reception, with the proceeds donated to the
Hluhluwe Primary School Book Fund.

2. Economic benefits for the local community generated

Isinkwe reception offers information on all local activities and products, offered by our local community or employing members of the local community, with the hope that our tourists will support these businesses during their visits:
  • Zamimphilo Craft Market
  • Mbonise Cultural Concepts
  • DumaZulu Cultural Village
  • Bonamanzi Game Park
  • Ilala Weavers